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  • Welcome to Family Circle Counseling

    Co-founding Family Circle Counseling in 2005 was a realization of a long held dream for us as we have strived to develop a collaborative group practice dedicated to helping clients of all ages regain emotional health and practice new skills for healthier living. We are an attachment oriented, trauma informed group practice dedicated to helping individuals and families from diverse backgrounds and needs.

    Therapy comes in many shapes and sizes, from the more brief work to reduce a troubling behavioral pattern or cope with a specific life change; to more intensive, longer term work exploring how a family or individual can recover from complex trauma, grief, loss or challenging illness.

    Our member therapists share decades of experience in working with clients from residential treatment, community mental health, and training & management in the areas of child & adolescent health, foster care & adoption, and trauma recovery at any age. We also share a deep commitment to working collaboratively with adults and children from diverse backgrounds, to build from strengths, and develop improved behavioral health and emotional regulation. We each utilize a variety of effective psychotherapy methods to reach agreed upon goals with our clients. When appropriate we work collaboratively, as a team, with high need family dynamics and systems. We draw from our shared conviction that people do best when connected to others in healthy relationships and strongly believe in the possibility of growth and change at any phase of life.

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